PixelForces.io is an awesome 2d shooter io game that is free for all people to play online. It is a multiplayer arena in which you should conquer the goal as soon as possible. To occupy the leaderboard, you have to score the most kills. In other words, you are forced to eliminate every opponent you encounter on the path first. Be careful! You must defend your character from attacks or they will win before you. Hop into the dangerous playfield in PixelForces.io unblocked you can perform various skills. It’s fun to jump on a trampoline or chase somebody through buildings! Watch out! They can set deadly traps. Especially, you do not forget to show your shooting ability. There are currently 5 modes, many rooms and skins to choose from. Besides, you can unlock numerous maps with platforms. Get ready to take part in the match and dominate the top spot now!

How to play PixelForces.io

Use WASD or Arrow keys to go around, Space to jump, RMB to aim, LMB to shoot at the target, L to switch on or off the flashlight, Esc or Tab to pause